How it Works


package delivery secured using the Landport™ lockbox

We designed Landport to be not only strong and attractive, but also straightforward, making it easy to install and use.

Bolt it down

Landport bolts down to its location, and attaches to concrete, asphalt or wood. DIY types can install it themselves. For a handyman, it’s an easy job that should take about fifteen minutes. It’s that simple. We even provide the appropriate anchors to take the guesswork out of what bolts to use.

Share the code

Landport features an electronic keypad where the delivery driver enters a unique access code to open the lid. Codes can be communicated to carriers via online delivery service preferences, mobile apps, or by using the 2nd address line. Communicating the code to the driver in person is also a good idea.

Get your packages

Once parcels are placed inside, Landport’s heavy-duty latch snaps shut and locks on contact, creating a secure point of delivery at homes and small businesses. Parcels are kept safe until they can be retrieved at a convenient time.

Once in place, Landport is ready to go to work. Its spacious capacity is large enough to hold a dozen shoeboxes. Plus, it’s tamper-proof, weather-resistant, and made in America.

More than a Locking Mailbox

Keep in mind Landport isn’t only for commercial deliveries. Use Landport to share and exchange things with friends and neighbors. Just place the item in your Landport, give the person your access code, and let them pick it up at their convenience. When it’s time to return the item, they can just leave it in Landport, where it will remain safe until you retrieve it.