The little cup that inspired a company.

As a child, I always admired a delicate little cup that my mom had inherited from her grandfather. It was white, with an intricate pattern of small flowers and vines circling the rim and falling into the cup. I thought it was lovely.

Some thirty years later, Mom offered it to me. She carefully packed it and sent it off. Unfortunately, I never received the package – it was stolen right off my front porch. In the midst of my disappointment, I thought: there has to be a way to better protect these kinds of deliveries. My wish, in creating Landport, is that you never lose a cherished teacup, a gift, or any other package. That’s why the Landport logo represents a shield of protection – the hasp of a lock and the tiny cup talisman.  icon

Landport : Designed & Engineered.

Mark Annen is an industrial, commercial, and residential designer and architect with an aesthetic sense that made him perfect for this project. Mark envisioned the Landport with a charming sensibility including smooth surfaces, rounded corners and black rubbery shoes. Mark is highly sought after for his designs of stylish restaurants and residences in Oregon. He is well known for his sophisticated sense of design as well as his wonderful sense of humor!

Mechanical engineer David Lindberg was instrumental in bringing the Landport to life. He has made sure that all of the components work together to bring great function to this form. Sherpa Design is a mechanical design services company specializing in design and product development. Sherpa lives up to their tagline because Dave’s talent and meticulous attention to detail has definitely helped us “get there”!