Frequently Asked Questions


Although Landport is sturdy, it is not meant to be used as a bench. Repeated and excessive weight may hinder the performance of the latch. We strongly recommend using it for its intended purpose only.

Your packages will stay protected and dry in Landport. The only risk is if water goes above the shoes, so it is best to place your Landport in an area where standing water will not accumulate.

The keypad is outdoor rated and fully waterproof. That said, if you can place your Landport in a sheltered area, that would be ideal.

We  suggest calling your delivery company of choice to arrange for package pick-up. Visit our DELIVERIES section for more complete recommendations for how to establish a smooth delivery process.

The easiest way is to save your code in your Delivery Preferences for the delivery services that you use. All of the carriers have Apps that accommodate delivery preferences. You could contact your delivery company of choice and give them the code over the phone as well. We also suggest giving the code to your delivery driver in person. Another trick is to use the 2nd line of the address to communicate the code – then it is printed on the label. Consider it an extension of your address. For more recommendations on how to create a smooth delivery process, visit our DELIVERIES section.

Yes. Simple step-by-step instructions are provided in the Landport Guide.

You can always use one of the two keys we provide to open your Landport. You can also reset access codes using your Administrator Code. For instructions on how to reset access codes, see your Landport Guide.

Yes, it can – and that would be a nice thing for your building owner to provide. However, the Landport will still need to be bolted to something. Talk to your building owner or superintendent.

Yes, we strongly recommend you bolt down your Landport. However, you can choose to bolt only one corner if you like. Step-by-step installation instructions are provided in the Landport Guide.

No, Landport is not airtight. We made sure of that. There is a visible vent on the back that is similar to that of a gym locker.

Yes. We want you to feel comfortable ordering a Landport without worrying about a “what if” scenario. If within 30 days, you’ve decided not to keep your Landport, you can send it back to us. It must be in its original condition for a full refund.

Yes, sharing Landport with a neighbor is a good idea. However, we suggest you share the access code only with individuals or entities that you trust.

You can take your Landport with you. Just unfasten the bolt or bolts from the inside and lift the Landport off of the threaded rod or bolt.

The Landport is ventilated much like a gym locker. A child can readily pull the glow-in-the-dark handle, the same kind that car manufacturers use for trunk releases. The latch release opens readily without much force at all – a child could easily do it. Having said that, we encourage explaining to your children that Landport is not a toy, and showing them how it works.

We made every effort to make the Landport safe, including rounded corners, a rubber strip over the edges, struts to control closure, visible ventilation and a glow-in-the-dark release on the inside.

It depends on the installation method you choose, and your level of DIY expertise. The quickest installation is to drill into wood or concrete, and to bolt down only one corner. More complete information (step-by-step instructions) are provided in the Landport Guide.

We try to ship within 48 hours, shipping time varies by distance from Portland, Oregon.

Yes, Landport is ideal for small-business owners. If you do own your own business, it’s highly likely you’re doing a lot of things yourself, and can’t always be available to receive packages. You can also use it to send out packages. Keep in mind you can write it off as a business expense.

Talk with your property manager or the building owner about installing a Landport.

No. Landport will not rust as long as the powder-coating is intact. If you do sustain a scratch that exposes the steel to the elements, then it could rust. Should that occur, we’ll provide you with the information you need to get matching paint. We recommend putting oil over the scratch until you can touch it up with the actual paint.

16-gauge steel, which is 0.0598 of an inch thick.

Landport offers so much more. Its design and construction were guided by three principles. First and foremost, we wanted Landport to be safe. And it is. Rounded corners, rubber edging over sharp edges, and struts all contribute to Landport’s safety. In addition, there is a prominent vent on the back and a glow-in-the-dark trunk release. Second, we wanted it to be high quality. And it is. The components are outdoor-rated, the lock cylinder and the latch are heavy duty, the steel is thick (16-gauge) with a powder-coating to protect it from the elements. Third, we wanted it to be beautiful – something you’d be proud to place next to your house. Other important considerations that influence the cost include Landport’s large capacity and the protection it offers your deliveries against breakage and theft. And it is made here in the US.

There are no other delivery lockboxes like the Landport. There are some other delivery boxes that offer a one-way slot, like a federal mailbox. This slot allows for envelopes and small packages only, and there is no out-going package option. Due the vertical orientation of these drop boxes, packages and their contents are at risk of breaking, as the package falls to the bottom. The Landport, on the other hand, has large-volume capacity and packages are placed, rather than dropped. Landport’s security is accomplished with a heavy-duty lock, thick-gauge steel and controlled sharing of an access code with trusted entities such as UPS, FedEx, USPS, and friends and neighbors. Other drop boxes use lighter-weight steel and lighter-duty locks.

Our headquarters is in Portland, Oregon. However, talented people from around the U.S.A. have contributed to creating the Landport.

Yes, custom orders cost a little bit more and take a few weeks longer to fulfill. Please contact us with questions regarding custom colors.

Landport is available in 5 colors: Black, Brown/Black, Cream, Red and Blue/Gray.

The metal structure itself, including the steel and brackets, is guaranteed for 3 years. Other components are guaranteed for 1 year. We sincerely want you to be happy with your purchase, and will in good faith work through any reasonable and unforeseen issues that affect your Landport.

No. When properly installed, Landport is bolted down and can’t be carried off.

Landport is a very good deterrent to theft. It features a heavy-duty lock and thick steel walls. However, it is not a safe, and it is not impenetrable. A thief with time and/or power tools could break in.

There are two schools of thought regarding Landport placement. The first is that it should be in plain sight so that neighbors and passersby can see it, and that it’s less likely to be tampered with if its visible.  The second school of thought is that Landport should be placed somewhere discreet, thereby drawing less attention to itself.

You’re ultimately the best judge, since where you decide to place your Landport will be influenced by your neighborhood and how you intend to use it.

The ideal location for a Landport is under a roof or awning. If you cannot place your Landport in such a location, just be sure NOT to place it where water collects. The rubber feet will keep your Landport about 1” off the ground.