Don’t Be Afraid to Bolt

A key question often asked by potential customers is how does one make sure their Landport stays put, and doesn’t simply “walk off” or disappear?

The answer is simple: bolt it down.

Landport-Bolt It Down

We’re partial to the straight-ahead mechanical simplicity of securely bolting Landport in place. Keep in mind you don’t have to bolt all four corners – one corner will do. We even supply each Landport with a carefully sourced, rust-resistant, stainless steel wedge anchor.

And then there’s the Landport Guide that comes with every lockbox we ship. It contains clear and easy to understand illustrations to help you install your Landport – which is pretty darn straightforward to do, and should take less than an hour for handy types.

Heavy enough to be strong, light enough to be portable.

Although Landports are constructed from 16-gauge steel, they are not too heavy. A Landport Essential Cube weighs about 34 pounds, and the Essential and Deluxe Rectangles weigh about 50 pounds, making physically moving a Landport very manageable.

We even considered commitment-phobes. For example, what if you decide to move and want to take your Landport with you? Or perhaps simply relocate it to another spot? Not a problem. In fact, it’s easy to do. Simply un-bolt it.

Basically, Landport stays in one place for as long as you want it to, and then you are free to move it at anytime.

If only all commitments were this flexible!