Wink Wink, Nudge Nudge

We got very excited when we happened upon Wink, an elegant app that lets you control all your “smart” products with a single hub. That includes the timing of your lights, your thermostat, the lock on your front door and more. (Learn more at Wink. Wink is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the invention platform Quirky.)

Wink_Landport_home security

So, why exactly are we so excited? Well, we have always considered Landport to be much more than an attractive and secure lock box. We designed Landport to have good looks and brawn, but to have brains, too. (The “full package” as they say.) From its inception, we knew that Landport could become an integral part of a smart home – and anchor a smart front entry and porch. Companies like Wink make that possible right now.

With just a single trip to Home Depot or by spending a few minutes online, you can purchase a Wink Hub and a Wink-compatible Quirky Spotter Sensor. Once you have set-up the Wink hub with your wifi router, your smart home options blossom. The friendly support people at Wink are there to help you by phone for free 24/7.

To install a Spotter sensor inside Landport, simply insert 2 AA batteries into the sensor and place it on an inside wall of the lockbox. The Spotter has dual built-in magnets that cling easily to Landport’s steel walls. In the Wink app, just set up the Spotter as a new device through the intuitive interface, and then add a “robot” and tell it what to do.  Say “notify us when the Landport has been opened”, and it will do so via your choice of email or text message. The Spotter can be set up in Notifications as well, allowing Wink to gently nudge you when your package is delivered.

We love getting nudged by the Spotter Sensor, since this simple communication allows us to rest easy knowing our parcels have been delivered, and are safe and sound inside Landport.  We also love how companies like Wink are nudging us all closer to smart homes that create ease and make our lives better.