Landport &
The Internet of Postal Things

We’ve always known Landport was much more than just a well-designed lock box. We knew it had the potential to create new efficiencies for homes and small businesses on multiple levels. That’s why when we caught wind of the USPS Inspector General’s plan to develop an Internet of Postal Things (IoPT) – basically, their version of the Internet of Things (IoT) – we got really, really excited.


To refresh your memory, the Internet of Things means taking everyday objects, and embedding them with technology to create connectivity that allows for data collection, communication, tracking, and the ability to control actions from remote locations – just to name a few.

The USPS Inspector General understands that harnessing the power of sensors can take their entire operation to a whole new level by sending real-time delivery notifications, collecting data that can help drivers choose the best delivery routes, and sharing tracking information with their customers. In fact, according to a recent report from the USPS Inspector General, the postal service is planning to use IoPT data to, “modernize the way it delivers its core business, generate new revenue, and ultimately create new business models.”

We couldn’t agree more!

So, what does the IoPT have to do with Landport? Well, we’ve been experimenting with sensors. Specifically, when we add a simple motion or vibration sensor to Landport, it lets us know that someone has interacted with Landport, and tells us that someone has picked up or delivered something. When these actions are combined with the USPS alert that tells you who it was, that’s powerful reassurance about the safety of your packages while you are busy with other things.

A “smart” Landport can turn your front porch into a dynamic and communicative place where items are securely picked up and delivered by the USPS and others. For both small business owners and homeowners, a Landport embedded with a wireless sensor can monitor and communicate this flow of activity to your device of choice.

As the saying goes, great minds thing alike. Like the USPS, we understand the transformative power of new technology to make homes and businesses run more smoothly, and to make peoples’ daily lives less hectic.