A Landport in a Pandemic Storm

2020 – A year of significant change.

Our world is different now, and COVID-19 has fundamentally changed the way we work, live and yes, even shop, in ways that will likely continue post-pandemic.

In reality, the world was already changing before the pandemic hit. 

In respect to work, technological advancements, robust internet connections and collaborative online software has made it easier for small businesses to operate efficiently from home – and sometimes even more efficiently – than larger businesses. Plus, the gig economy, which offers creative, flexible and on-demand services is now firmly established as an integral part of the economy.

In respect to online shopping, millions of people were already ordering items via the web for home delivery – everything from everyday staples, to valuable luxury goods, to prescription drugs to delivered meals. Receiving multiple deliveries a day is now part of the daily household routine. 

Home deliveries are the New Normal.

For some, having groceries delivered was once considered a luxury. However, once shelter-in-place orders were issued across the country, grocery delivery quickly became a safe alternative to crowded markets, and an absolute necessity for many. Now that people have experienced the time-saving efficiencies of having groceries delivered to their door, it’s safe to say that post-pandemic, they will continue this practice, since it is part of the “new normal.” Users of services like Amazon, Walmart, Target allow one to order staples, supplies and non-perishable organic items are ideal candidates for a Landport, a lockbox designed to keep your packages safe and secure until you can retrieve them.

Since the virus outbreak, having a variety of items delivered to your home is no longer just for “early adopters.” Home delivery across the board is here to stay – and your front porch is playing an active role in that shift. Like the iPhone and Google, Amazon and Amazon Prime have created new ways for people to interact with the world and run their lives. And now all the big players are delivering staples, personal items and more right to your door. Installing a Landport lockbox on your front porch, back door, or near any high-use drop-off area acts as a final point of security that guards your delivered packages and keeps them safe.

Package delivery companies also benefit from Landport. That’s because Landport creates ease of delivery for the drivers by providing a safe and dependable way to drop packages – much more preferable to an empty, exposed porch. 

Traditional retail is changing before our eyes.

Home deliveries are here to stay. Due to COVID-19 and consumer behavior changes that were already happening, spending afternoons at the mall and hauling multiple packages home is fading away 

– as evidenced by the closure of several anchor brand-name department stores across the country. 

Many retailers are rapidly moving to a “showroom” model where goods are showcased, most inventory is offsite, and products are shipped directly to customers. This change will result in more shipped packages and more home deliveries of valuable goods. However, this convenience has created more opportunities for package theft – which is why Landport is more relevant than ever. 

Along with an increase in delivered items, economic challenges have also lead to more porch pirates, who prey on unguarded delivered packages. Landport helps discourage these “crimes of opportunity” while making sure you get your packages before somebody else does.

The pandemic has changed how people work. 

Due to COVID-19, there are millions more people working from home (WFH) than in 2019. Several industry experts and thought leaders expect that to be one of many lasting changes spurred by the virus. The days of marching off to the office five days a week will likely evolve into a hybrid model that includes both at-home and in-office workdays.

What that means – and what is already happening – is that millions of employees are “professionalizing” their home office environment to participate in “sustained remote work.”  Better monitors, headsets, and cameras, along with tasteful backdrops and décor are in demand by those who spend multiple hours on video calls during the day. 

Landport can help mitigate interruptions

And as numerous YouTube videos show, people’s attempts to sidestep interruptions from pets and family members is challenging and often humorous – but there is a serious side too. Minimizing distractions at home is necessary to efficiently conduct business remotely, and people’s homes will need to function more like professional work settings. For many, that means having the ability to safely and efficiently send and receive important packages. Most standard mailboxes are not well-suited to receiving parcel deliveries. Landport, a sturdy code-controlled package lockbox, provides an alternative to traditional mailboxes. Its spacious capacity, ergonomic keypad and commercial grade locking mechanism means you can finish your Zoom call – or entire workday – before you retrieve your deliveries. 

Also, post-pandemic, many company headquarters may no longer be located in a skyscraper, but in the cloud. That means even more things will be shipped to people’s homes, including confidential, valuable and mission critical items like product prototypes, samples and documents. The Landport lock box is designed to help deter theft and secure your packages in style.

Home is where the hub is.

The recent increase in people working from home has shown companies that many employees can work from anywhere. That gives people more flexibility around where they choose to live. It is no longer necessary for everyone to be concentrated in urban areas. Technology and strong internet connections allow people to have “big city jobs” in small town, semi-rural and rural environments. Landport performs well in rural settings, since its sturdy construction protects packages from the elements while keeping them safe. 

The virus has also created an unprecedented surge in home schooling, which takes an enormous amount of parents’ attention and energy. Busy parents working from and schooling children at home will appreciate that Landport is on duty guarding their packages until they have time to retrieve them.

And along with working and schooling, people are also sharing more, and seeking ways to stay safe at the same time. Landport allows people to exchange items like baked goods, garden vegetables, books and tools in a convenient way that minimizes direct contact with others. If a neighbor doesn’t feel well, but would greatly appreciate a batch of fresh-baked cookies, place them in Landport for your neighbor to retrieve safely.

Landport keeps delivered packages safe and secure, now and in the future.

It’s true that during the current health crises many of us are staying closer to home, but many of us are also are out exercising, spending time in our backyards, visiting neighbors and taking local trips. You can rely on Landport to receive packages safely while you’re away from the house. And although we may be running fewer errands right now, errands will return in the future. When they do, you can count on Landport to protect your deliveries while you are out for hours at a time. With Landport, there’s no need to ask a neighbor to run over and “hide” a delivered package for you.

Landport is poised to help people during the pandemic by receiving home deliveries safely and securely.  Landport is also well-suited to the future, helping us adapt to a changing world by making life easier, safer and more efficient as we continue to conduct more of our lives from home.