Just Say No to Porch Pirates

Human nature is a funny thing, and sometimes there’s a fine line between “opportunity” and theft. That’s especially true when opportunity presents itself as a lonely package from an appealing brand, sitting alone for hours on a front porch.

Lonely Package 6

Landport eliminates the “lonely package” scenario and addresses outdoor package theft head-on. Designed with home and small business owners in mind, Landport establishes a secure place to leave and retrieve parcels, eliminating worry around unattended packages.

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That’s why during October, which is National Crime Awareness Month, Landport encourages you to protect your deliveries, and “Just Say No” to Porch Pirates. It will make your neighborhood – and the world – a safer, happier and better place.

Porch Pirate

Learn more ways to keep your family and your household safe during National Crime Awareness Month.