Tim taps into the power of Landport.


Like many of us, Tim is a hard working professional whose days can be long. Tim is a hospital physician who routinely puts in 12-hour days, which means he’s often not home for long stretches of time. For this reason, he hesitated ordering things online. There have been a few incidents of package theft in his neighborhood, so he wasn’t comfortable leaving unattended packages on his front porch. Plus, he’s not allowed to ship packages to work.

Tim’s dilemma – wanting to have parcels sent to his home, but not having a secure way to receive them – is exactly why Landport caught his attention.

Once Tim installed his Deluxe Rectangle he immediately started to reap the benefits. Now, he feels comfortable ordering items online, knowing that once delivered, his packages will remain safe until he retrieves them. Not only that, his Fed Ex driver loves Landport, since he appreciates having a secure, final point of delivery.

Ordering online saves time.

Tim’s original motivation to invest in a Landport was to prevent package theft. But now that he has established a safe and secure way to receive delivered packages, he’s experiencing first-hand the many conveniences Landport brings into his daily life. Now, he’s seriously considering signing up for a subscription service like Dollar Shave Club to deliver everyday items (like his favorite razors!). Tim realized, “I’d rather spend five minutes online and have what I need show up in two days, rather than run a 45 minute errand after a 12 hour shift.”

Sharing the code with friends works in a pinch.

Besides shipped packages, Tim has experienced how handy it is to have a secure lockbox that opens with a special code. This makes Landport easy to use – and also helps smooth out life’s little mishaps.

For starters, there was the time one friend needed to pick up another friend’s car parked in front of Tim’s house. Instead of having to hand off the car keys in person, Tim simply left them in his Landport, and gave his friend the code. As a result, no one needed to interrupt their day to “be there” to transfer the keys.


Landport to the rescue!

An even more dramatic example of how Landport can save the day is the time a few of Tim’s friends went to the coast for the weekend. Tim’s buddy left his backpack (with everything in it – wallet, iPhone, keys etc…) in a restaurant. When they realized his backpack was missing, they were almost home, so turning back wasn’t an option.

Luckily, it just so happened that another friend was in the same coastal town. They called her and asked her to pick up the backpack still at the coast and drop it off in the Landport when she got back home – which she gladly did. (Thankfully, nothing was stolen.) The backpack remained safe inside Landport until Tim’s buddy retrieved it. Later, waiting inside Landport for the friend who rescued the backpack was a bottle of wine to thank her.

Now, that’s what we call a happy ending.