Considered Colors Created to Last

When we set out to create a lockbox for homes and small businesses to deter theft, we knew it needed to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. So when it was time to chose colors for Landport, we made sure they were décor-friendly. Thanks to the impeccable taste of our designer, Mark Annen, we settled on five classic and adaptable colors that work well across a wide range of architectural styles and outdoor settings.

decor-friendly lockbox black

Landport Black: Black can be many things – from cool and inky to glossy and sophisticated. We selected a black with a warm, rich quality that works with traditional architecture, but fits right into contemporary settings, too.

Luxury Home Exterior 28

Landport Cream: Inspired by the elegant Ivory found on vintage Mercedes Benzes, Landport Cream is a lovely not-quite-white that has a smooth, milky quality. Homes with traditional architectural details set off in white or off-white might want to consider a Landport in Cream

decor-friendly lockbox brown

Landport Brown: Besides being rich and warm, we designed our Brown to be mutable. We wanted this color to compliment the dark woods used in stately homes (think Tudor), and to also to blend with metal or ironwork found on both new and old homes.

decor-friendly lockbox blue gray

Landport Blue-Gray: Inspired by functional-yet-elegant utilitarian items found in France, Holland and England (think Wedgewood), Landport’s Blue-Gray is warm and approachable, with just a hint of formality. A good choice for homes with classic lines.

decor-friendly lockbox red

Landport Red: Not too bright, and not too subdued, Landport Red is best described as balanced. This color is a natural pick for bungalows, and homes where a cheerful but not overwhelming pop of color is desired.

The Classic RAL System

On a more technical note, Landport colors are based on the Classic RAL System, a well-established color standard for paints and coatings used in architecture, construction, industry and road safety. We chose RAL colors for their utility and beauty. We also chose them because they are non-proprietary, which means if a Landport owner ever needs to touch up a scratch, the exact paint color can be easily ordered.

Powder Coating Seals the Deal

Landport’s rich colors shine through (literally) thanks to our powder coating process. Powder coating creates a protective layer, and for Landport, we chose a gloss powder coat, since a gloss finish forms a tighter film. It also creates a smoother surface that’s easier to wipe, which means your Landport is easier to keep clean. (To keep your Landport looking shiny, use a damp soft cloth to wipe off dust and dirt.)

Overall, Landport’s glossy powder coated colors just look better, and withstand the elements better, too.

What Landport color would work best with your home or place of business and why?