Landport Lifestyle: Landport Loves Zappos

Zappos allows us to shop at home in a way that not so long ago, most of us would have had to hit the mall for a similar experience. That’s why it qualifies as one of our founder Jody’s Friday Favorites.

Zappos 2


OK – let’s be real.

Oh, the thrill of a Zappos delivery! 

When you order from Zappos, you rarely order just one thing. Take shoes for example. First of all, it’s important to try the same shoes in different colors. Second of all, most of us aren’t a perfect size, so you really need to order the same shoes in the next size up or down. And third of all, while you’re considering those cute shoes, why not throw in an extra accessory – a scarf or a belt – just for fun?

Having all those options shipped to your home is fantastic, but can make for a lot of unattended parcels on your front porch.

Which is why Zappos and Landport are a match made in heaven. Both a Landport Essential Rectangle and a Landport Deluxe Rectangle can accommodate up to a dozen shoeboxes. Plus, you know your packages are protected inside Landport until you can retrieve them.

And if you decide you really don’t need that belt, Landport takes the hassle out of returning things. Just leave the items you want to send back in your Landport, and let your delivery person know. Provide them with the access code so they can easily pick up the packages and be on their way.

Online shopping tip: join for free next business day shipping.