Landport Lifestyle: Soup’s On and Safe Deliveries

Fresh soup from the Grant Park Soup Girls is one of Landport founder Jody Pettit’s Friday Favorites – special items she loves to find in her Landport. 


Soup Inside 2


God bless the Grant Park Soup Girls.

These wonderful women prepare fresh homemade soups and deliver them in lovely glass jars every Wednesday to neighbors and friends throughout several Northeast Portland, Oregon neighborhoods. For many, in this fast-paced world filled with working parents, soccer games, community activities (not to mention trying to squeeze in some exercise), fresh delivered soup is mana from heaven.

Our founder Jody, being a busy person herself, is a grateful customer of this service and taps into it frequently. In fact, she’s now asked the Grant Park Soup Girls to place the goods in her Landport until she can safely retrieve them.

Soup Outside 2

Yup, it’s that easy. She just gave them the keycode and asked them to place the precious cargo inside her Landport Essential Cube in Black. It all worked like a charm. Both Jody and the soup girls know it has been safely delivered.

So now, Jody is free to run a short errand, jump in the shower, and even call her mother back in Iowa, and not have to stop what’s she’s doing or stay put to receive her soup.

With Landport, keeping home deliveries safe can become the daily norm. Freshly made soup is just the tip of the iceberg.

What items from friends and neighbors would you like to receive and return safely with Landport? Tell us!