Get Your Carrier On Board

First and foremost, Landport is about security and protecting valuable items. It’s also about reducing the anxiety people feel around having packages delivered when they’re not there to receive them.


To remind your carrier to use Landport,
we provide a handy sign that can be easily be displayed 

When we began our Landport journey, we were motivated by many people’s stories – starting with our founder’s, Jody, who had a precious heirloom teacup taken from her porch. We also heard multiple stories from friends and neighbors about shipped parcels that somehow wound up in the bushes, and holiday, birthday and bridesmaid gifts that simply went missing.

So we stepped up to the challenge, and designed a product with security and safety at its core.

We’re not the only ones concerned with security. UPS, FedEx, and the USPS are also invested in making safe deliveries. And if something makes things more efficient on their end – even better. That’s why delivery people will most likely get in synch quickly with using Landport.

landport-code Embrace the second address line! Enter your Landport code.

There are several ways to connect with your carrier about how to easily deliver
packages to Landport, including apps and online preferences. We also encourage you to embrace the much-underutilized second line on most addresses forms. The second line is a friend of Landport! Ask your friends, family and business colleagues to enter your Landport code on the second line of any address form.


Don’t be shy! Talk to you carrier in person about Landport

We also encourage you to have a face-to-face chat with your delivery driver to review how to use your Landport. Texting and email are incredible inventions (we know, we do them, too). But there’s still nothing like a face-to-face conversation to get on the same page about something important, like your precious packages and parcels.

Do you know your delivery people? Have you chatted with them recently?