Landport – It’s About Time

Time is valuable. Unlike money, time is not a renewable resource. You simply cannot go out and get more. Once it’s gone – its gone. But don’t despair! In our complex and time-constrained world, Landport is something that can help you save precious time going forward.

Landport and ROI

At Landport, we often speak in terms of ROI (Return On Investment) – as in, “What’s the ROI on Landport?” An obvious one is secure deliveries.

But another important ROI is that Landport saves you time by not having to spend hours tracking down missing packages or replacing stolen items, and by not having to wait around for important deliveries. With Landport, time doesn’t get wasted in the first place.

And that’s when things really start to get interesting. Not unlike smoothly connected smart homes, Landport allows you to create real, time-saving efficiencies in your daily routine that lead to a better quality of life, and ultimately peace of mind.

Buy Yourself Some Time

When you have items delivered to Landport on a regular basis, you immediately eliminate numerous one-off errands. Landport saves time, gas, and also encourages you to make more intentional purchases.

Here’s a few ways Landport can help you reap the benefits of a more efficient life right from the get go:

Try a local grocery delivery service like Instacart.
Avoid the parking lot, check out line, and the temptation of expensive impulse-buy goodies. Instead, arrange to have just-what-you-need groceries delivered to your Landport.

Shop online and avoid the crowded mall.
Instead of running to the mall on a crowded Saturday afternoon, find an online retailer that carries the same or similar items and have them delivered to your Landport. Amazon is the obvious choice, and Amazon Prime is pretty irresistible.

Have a 3-month supply of “necessary” items delivered to your Landport.
You know the ones…paper towels, laundry soap, personal products (caregivers take note!) Many retailers (including Walmart, Walgreens and Rite Aid) offer free shipping when you reach a certain dollar amount.

Do the Math
Don’t be afraid to do the ROI math. Assign a real dollar amount to what your time is worth. Then multiply that by the amount of time you spend running errands to procure things that can easily be delivered. The number will speak for itself.


Think about what a difference it would make if you gifted yourself an extra hour or more a week. With the time you gain, you could take the dog for a walk, go for a run, or even meditate!