Landport & Sampling Lab: Thumbs Up!

Recently, Landport had the opportunity to participate in a compelling new retail concept that’s gotten real traction here in our hometown of Portland, Oregon. Were talking about Sampling Lab – a sleek, contemporary-but-user-friendly showroom that showcases new products, and lets people try them out, or rather, “experience” them and provide customer feedback in the form of reports chock full of insightful data.

Sampling Lab

We think Sampling Lab is a great idea, and wanted to be part of it. Plus, we’re always excited about opportunities that introduce Landport to the public and let people get familiar with what it does and how it works.

We’re also very interested in people’s reactions to our product, and value their opinion. So, we were thrilled when the survey came back with a good amount of positive feedback.

We’d love to share a few high points from the Sampling Lab report:


Landport is technically not a locking mailbox, and once people saw it, they got it. Good to know!


Nothing beats word of mouth recommendations. So yes, we were excited about this one too.

Sampling Lab-Landport-3

If the old adage holds that first impressions count, then we did all right.

We loved participating in the study and getting so many informative insights from perceptive consumers. The Thumbs Up made our day, too.