Life with Landport = Safety and Convenience

Imagine the simple joy of making a quick call, or sending a brief email or text to a friend or neighbor that says, “It’s in the Landport. Here’s the code. Pick it up at anytime.”

When you share your Landport code with friends and neighbors, there’s a whole host situations where items can be safely lent and returned in a convenient and secure way.

Here’s a few Landport-friendly scenarios based on real life events:


“Thanks for lending me your book for Book Club. It’s in the Landport.”

“I’ve placed the dish you left at my house at the potluck in the Landport.”

“Of course you can borrow my ski goggles – I’ll leave them in the Landport. Stop by any time.”

“Leave the product prototypes in the Landport. Here’s the code.”

“I found your missing dog leash in my car. I’ll leave it in the Landport.”

“Dear neighbor – thank you, thank you, thank you for letting me borrow your new cordless drill. Feel free to get it anytime. It’s in my Landport.”


“An extra batch of home-made chocolate chip cookies? Of course I’ll take them! Feel free to leave them in the Landport.”

How would you use Landport to add security and simplicity to your daily routine?