Landport Meets the Family Pet

Landport Customer Allison from Oklahoma shares how their Landport lockbox, a Deluxe Rectangle in Red, protects the family’s delivered packages – not just from Porch Pirates, but also from their beloved family pet, Winston (a.k.a. “Winnie”), a Brittany Spaniel.


Winston Macy Stanford is the name of our eleven-year old Brittany Spaniel. (He looks innocent in the photo, doesn’t he?). Because we have a big yard, Winston likes to play outside while we’re away from home. In fact, I think our neighbors know his name better than they know the actual members or our family!


He is truly family to us. But like most family members, Winston has his own “special” traits and habits. He thinks that all deliveries to our house are for him, and has been known to eat packages completely or leave a trail of damaged items strewn across our yard for us to find when we get home.


Because we don’t typically know the exact date when things will be delivered, leaving him in the house is not a solution. When we learned about Landport, we were thrilled! Finally, we now have a way to make sure our packages are protected on our porch from our sweet Winnie.

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