This is How it Wants to Look

Entrances to homes often serve more than one master. They serve the people who live there, and they also serve the neighborhood, especially if they contribute to curb appeal.

Exterior 0033 retouched

A Landport in red contributes to curb appeal

In particular, front porches and entries must be able to accommodate the flow of a busy home’s traffic – and for those who take pride in their house’s appearance, must look good while doing so.

Since Landport is likely to reside in these easily seen, high-use areas, we knew we had to design a lockbox that was both aesthetic and functional. That’s why we sought out Mark Annen, a well-respected architect and designer located right here Portland, Oregon.


Mark Annen, architect and Landport designer

With numerous successful restaurants, bars and high-end residences in his portfolio, we knew Mark intuitively understood the confluence between beauty and utility. In short, Mark is a pro. Plus he’s nice guy, and funny, too – and we wanted to be around that during the sometimes-trying process of designing a lovely security lockbox that works well.

We really knew we had picked the right guy when one day, Landport’s founder Jody paid Mark a visit at his studio, loaded up with several functional, but shall we say, ahem, not very pretty prototype ideas.


A Landport Deluxe in sophisticated blue-gray sports rounded corners and shoes

Mark gathered up these well intentioned but ugly ducklings, and soon emerged with a revised design. “This is how it wants to look”, said a smiling Mark. Sure enough, before us was the charming Landport we all know and love: a sturdy, attractive lockbox defined by gently rounded corners, shiny black shoes and elegant black trim, plus a beautiful powder coated finish in a design-friendly color. Once we saw the results of Mark’s design magic, we knew discerning homeowners would feel proud placing a Landport near their front entry or on their front porch.

And although “classic” is a much-overused word in in the design world, well, we’re just going to say it, because it true: Landport’s classic lines allow it to work well with different styles of architecture, from traditional and elegant to clean and contemporary.

What Landport design elements matter most to you? Which ones do you find most helpful?