You control shipping. And now you can control receiving.

Want to make sure your customers are happy? The first step is to help make sure they receive what you send. Landport is a lockbox that delivery drivers use to drop off packages securely and safely. The driver simply enters a code, places your package inside, and closes the lid to lock it. The homeowner or customer can open it anytime and retrieve packages. Let your customers know about Landport.

No more stolen packages.

Reduces delivery problems, customer calls, and claims.

Helps ensure satisfied customers and repeat orders for you.

Works with all major delivery companies.

Happy customers lead to repeat customers.

By creating a safe end point for deliveries, Landport puts the finishing touch on your shipping process. When you ship items to homes or small businesses that use Landport, both you and your customer will know with certainty that once delivered, your goods will remain safe and secure until retrieved by the appropriate person. Those on the receiving end will no longer need to worry about the security of their shipped packages, resulting in a stress-free delivery process. The result is happier customers who are more likely to order again.

Landport overcomes obstacles to shopping online.

Having products delivered straight to the doorstep has changed how Americans shop, and daily shipments to homes are now the new normal. However, package theft is on the rise and a real concern. The threat of a package being stolen off a front porch thwarts potential customers’ inclination to order products and services online – especially unique and higher priced items. Don’t lose out on potentially profitable sales due to uncertain delivery conditions. Instead, take control of this final step and encourage your customers to purchase a Landport. With Landport, they’ll get piece of mind instead of anxiety.

Landport is tamper-proof, weather resistant, and easy to use. Your customers simply need to:

Subscription Sellers stand to gain from Landport.

Companies that sell subscription services have much to gain from customers using Landport. The sturdy, attractive lockbox creates a final point of delivery – which is critical to creating a successful delivery. Landport can convert a customer who is “trying out” a subscription service to one that considers it a reliable and efficient way to receive goods and services on a regular basis

Ebay and Etsy stand to gain from Landport.

Active Ebay and Etsy sellers will also want to encourage their customers to invest in a Landport. Ebay and Etsy both trade in unique items that are not easily replaced, and that the buyer has often spent months tracking down. And, its especially disappointing when one-of-a-kind items like these “diasappear” off of front porches. With Landport, special items are sure to remain safe and secure.

No more gifts “gone missing.”

Back in the day, shipping directly to homes used to happen only on special occasions only (think Christmas and birthdays). Now, items are shipped to homes year round. In this new age of retail, the front porch is fast becoming a fulfillment center. Landport sets the stage for receiving multiple packages on a regular basis in a secure way. Special gifts like birthday or Christmas presents, or critical, hard to replace items like special shoes for a bridesmaid dress need never go missing again. That means no more spoiled Christmas mornings or birthdays, or frantic, last minute searches to replace missing items.