Fewer losses mean fewer claims.

Every year thousands of packages are stolen off of porches and doorsteps. As any insurer knows, the best insurance is to prevent loss in the first place. That’s why there’s Landport – a lockbox that lets delivery drivers and others safely and securely drop off packages. Landport prevents package theft.

Reduces claims.

Made from heavy-gauge steel and is bolted down.

Makes a proactive statement about one's home security systems.

As e-commerce continues to grow, package theft becomes more and more of a problem.

Landport helps prevent theft before it happens.

Landport makes homes and small businesses less vulnerable to damage and theft – which results in fewer claims. Landport’s main function is to protect delivered packages. However, it also acts as a strong deterrent against “crimes of opportunity” that often lead to more serious and costly crimes, like home burglaries. Ultimately, Landport makes a home inhospitable to crime, making things harder for potential thieves. A Landport firmly planted on a front porch sends the message, “I am paying attention to and care about my home.”

In fact, Landport has caught the attention of local law enforcement as an effective way to prevent crime. Learn more about how Landport helps prevent crime. 

Landport minimizes crimes – and claims immediately.

For home and business owners, Landport is a great addition to a home security system (which often just captures the perpetrator making off with the package). The sturdy, attractive lockbox can be installed in less than 15 minutes, making a home or small business safer immediately. For insurers, that means less claims to process, which translates into less paperwork and time-consuming processing of claims.


  • Bolt it down
  • Share the code
  • Get the packages.

Landport takes a proactive stance on security.

When homeowners install a Landport, they are taking a proactive approach to protecting their property and minimizing opportunities for theft. Immediately, a front porch or entry to their business is transformed from a passive and vulnerable area to an active and protected area. This is a powerful thing in and of itself. Conveying that an area of one’s home or business is busy, functional, and seeing lots of regular traffic is a powerful deterrent to potential thieves who are much more likely to prey on quiet, hidden and low-use areas.