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Crime Stopper.

As package theft becomes more of a problem, law enforcement is bombarded with calls. While security cameras might be great, but they don’t actually prevent thefts. That’s why law enforcement agencies should let their constituents know about Landport for more prevention and less enforcement. Landport is a lockbox that delivery drivers and others can use to drop off packages securely and safely – foiling potential porch pirates.

Reduces non-emergency calls.

Reduces stolen package investigations and paperwork.

Deters would-be criminals from approaching the homes in your precinct.

Landport prevents crimes of opportunity.

Landport helps stops theft before it happens, and allows law enforcement officers to spend more time building safe communities rather than solving petty crimes. Law enforcement professionals have determined that Landport not only deters porch pirates by eliminating crimes of opportunity, but that it can also help protect homes and small businesses from burglaries, making for safer neighborhoods overall.

Package theft continues to rise. Landport can help.

Thanks to the ever-increasing rise in e-commerce, having goods delivered to homes on a daily basis is now the new normal. However, the downside of this convenience is that package theft is on the rise. Landport addresses package theft head on by establishing a safe and secure place for delivered packages. It eliminates the “lonely package” scenario: parcels filled with tempting goods on display, left on front porches for hours at a time. Lonely packages also indicate that people aren’t home, which opens the door to other more serious crimes, including burglary.

As for Landport itself, it bolts down, which means it is not easy to steal. Sturdy yet attractive, Landport is made from heavy-duty steel and is tamper proof [how exactly? Good for law enforcement to understand this]. Landport can be placed in both conspicuous and discrete places, depending on what better serves the location. It locks on contact, and only opens with a special code assigned by the owner/administrator.

With Landport, you simply:

Landport and the Law Enforcement Community.

Our founder, Jody, was contacted by the Portland Police Bureau’s East Precinct Neighborhood Response Team to discuss ways to prevent package theft. Needless to say, she was thrilled. If Landport can not only help prevent crime but also help create safer neighborhoods, we feel that’s a wonderful way to help build better communities.

Learn how Landport helps creates safer neighborhoods.