Small Businesses

It can be your shipping and receiving department.

Whether you’re high volume or low, Landport can save you so much time and energy. Delivery drivers simply open your Landport, drop off incoming packages and pick up outgoing ones. It’s that easy. Best of all, no one has to be around to sign for packages – you’re free to do more important things!

Works with the major carriers.

Can be bolted down for extra security.

Made from heavy-duty steel and die-cast lock.

For small business owners, the ROI with Landport is real and tangible.

Small business owners often think about ROI (Return On Investment) with regard to products and services they invest in to move their business forward.

An important Landport ROI is that it allows you to spend more time on your business, and less time dealing with the business of sending and receiving. Landport liberates you from having to wait around for important deliveries, and from spending hours tracking down missing packages or replacing stolen items. Small business customers have reduced precious time they spend going to the post office as well. Carriers can easily interact with the Landport. Include the Landport in your business operations, time’s a wastin’.

Ship & Receive with Landport.

Because Landport is easy to install and easy to use, we see it as the beginning of a powerful “porch eco-system.” Landport can turn your porch from a passive, vulnerable space to an active shipping and receiving area – even a will-call area – that is safe and secure.

To get Landport up and running, simply:

A standout feature of Landport is that it is bi-directional – meaning packages and parcels can be both dropped off and picked up. Feel confident about safely receiving packages, and also safely leaving them for pick up when you are not there. We encourage you to take advantage of UPS and the USPS services that allow you to schedule pick-ups (the USPS even provides free shipping boxes and envelopes) eliminating time-consuming trips to drop off sites. This is just one of many efficiencies Landport creates that helps your business more smoothly. Learn more about how to schedule time saving pick-ups for your business. 

Landport opens with a keycode, not just a key.

Landport opens with a keypad – not only a key – which means you have one less key to worry about. Instead, you quickly punch in a 5-digit access code. Landport’s keypad accepts up to five unique access codes that you assign. That means trusted employees, clients, and business associates can each have their own code, so they can access Landport whenever they need to, even when you are not there. Feel secure knowing that the contents contained in Landport are safe, and will can retrieved only by the person for whom they are intended.