Tired of staying home, waiting for deliveries?

Well, your wait is over. Landport is here. It’s the revolutionary new lockbox that secures your packages while you’re away. No more worrying. No more lost or stolen packages. Delivery drivers just enter a code and place your packages in your Landport for you to retrieve at your convenience.

Made of heavy duty steel with a locking mechanism.

Can be bolted down for extra security.

Has an attractive design that comes in several colors and shapes.

Works with all major carriers.

For homeowners, one benefit is more free time.

There are several other benefits you can gain from Landport, an important one being that it can save you time. Landport frees you from having to wait around for important deliveries, and can eliminate hours spent online or on the phone tracking down missing packages or replacing stolen items. With Landport, time doesn’t get wasted in the first place.

Online shopping plus secure delivery point equals freedom to keep doing your thing.

Learn more how Landport can save you precious time.

Landport eliminates redundant errands.

Anyone running a household understands the enormous amount of time that errands take: driving from place to place, negotiating crowded parking lots, and navigating Big Box stores packed with shoppers on busy weekend afternoons. Then there’s the stop at the grocery store to “grab a few things” that often turns into an expensive and time-consuming 45 minutes.

In a world where things can be ordered simply by tapping your keyboard or smart phone, daily home deliveries are now the new normal – and having everyday items delivered is a powerful time-saver. Landport keeps delivered items secure until they are safely retrieved, alleviating worry and creating peace of mind in a busy world.