The Trade

Landport anticipates the future needs of homeowners.

When you introduce your clients to Landport, you are demonstrating that you have an eye on the future, and are aware of emerging trends that can help them lead a better quality of life at home.

Technology continues to shape our world in ways we could not even imagine ten years ago. (For example, if someone told you your smart phone would be more important than your computer, and dominate your life, would you have believed them?)

Technology has also greatly impacted the way in which Americans shop. Deliveries made to homes, once something reserved for the holidays or special occasions, are now the new normal. Millennials entering into the home buying market are comfortable with apps and run their lives from their smart phones. This tech-savvy generation is interested in convenience, efficiency and working smarter – not harder. They actively seek out innovative solutions to old problems.

Discerning homeowners of any age will recognize the benefits of Landport, and understand that having something at their homes that can safely receive delivered packages is not a luxury, but fast becoming a necessity. Homeowners interested in tasteful and durable products will appreciate Landport’s functional and stylish design, and also the peace of mind that comes with knowing their parcels are safe until they can retrieve them.

Landport is built to last.

From a construction point of view, Landport is an aesthetic melding of form and function, and is built to last. Its heavy-duty main body is constructed from 16-gauge steel, then powder-coated to a glossy finish to create a product that can withstand the elements.

Landport comes in two sizes and three styles, which makes it suitable for larger spaces such as generous front porches, or more compact spaces, such as entries to townhomes and condominiums. It is currently available in five designer [RAL] colors carefully chosen to compliment a broad range of architectural styles, ranging from traditional to contemporary. Custom colors are also available on request.

Landport is well suited to the outdoor living trend.

Landport is utilitarian in nature, but also attractive, making it right at home in stylish outdoor living areas. Landport can perform all kinds of duties besides receiving packages. Providing additional storage and light security are other ways in which Landport makes life outside more convenient. For homeowners that like to entertain, Landport can keep tableware safe, clean and handy. It can also be used for outdoor deliveries. Before the next garden party, have supplies delivered directly to Landport for easy access.