Secure Transport


Want to secure things while you’re on the go? Landport is portable! You can place it in the back of a pick-up or wagon or place a Landport onsite. That way, your valuable equipment – anything from camera gear to tools – can be kept safe. Landport is made of 16- gauge steel and features a heavy-duty latch and lock.

Prevents losses while goods are in transit or onsite.

Can be bolted down to truck beds.

Ideal for photographers, tradespeople, medical transport and more.

Landport: for people and companies on the move.

Although we originally created Landport to deter package theft, we knew it was a solid design with many potential applications. People and companies on the move in particular have sought out Landport for keeping items safe when portability and mobility are essential.

Sometimes the heavy-duty (and cumbersome) security a safe provides is not always what’s needed. Although Landport is not a safe, it can provide a lighter form of security that might be more appropriate for certain situations. Landport is very good at staying put, especially if you decide to bolt it down. Having said that, Landport is also light enough to become a mobile unit.

Landport safely transports proprietary, expensive, or one-of-kind parts and prototypes.

Landport assists and facilitates this often delicate and mission-critical process. Just ask any product manager how it feels when a prototype that took months to perfect gets damaged during shipping, which can delay a production cycle several days, weeks, and sometimes months.

Landport adds an additional layer of protection. Let’s say something like a critical part to a new product is securely locked in Landport and is placed on a container ship, a freight train, or on a airplane, no one can easily access the contents, and it’s much harder for the part to “get lost” or fall into the wrong hands.

Landport protects expensive equipment while on site or on location.

Photographers are big fans of Landport, because it provides a place to safely keep valuable items protected but still handy. Being on location is exciting and dynamic, and depending on the size of the shoot, there can be large crews, lots of expensive props, and camera equipment, not to mention iPads, laptops, monitors and the like. Often passersby will stop and observe. To make sure equipment doesn’t “walk away” at a shoot, photographers have been taking Landport along to protect their lenses, backup batteries, iPads and more.

This same idea works well for medical mobile units that contain expensive equipment.

This same idea also applies to service vehicles i.e. open-air trucks and vehicles where the driver makes frequent stops and leaves the vehicle (cable companies, FedEx and UPS take note!). You can bolt Landport down in truck beds. It can also be easily unbolted, and packed on site and removed and stored. equipment can be kept in Landport while the driver and service people go about their business.