Home Security

Appearances are everything.

A Landport on your porch says that you take home security seriously. Right away, it deters porch pirates and other would-be criminals. And when combined with wi-fi-enabled motion and/or vibration sensors, Landport becomes part of your overall home-security system.

Makes a statement that you take home security seriously.

Deters would-be criminals from approaching your home/porch.

Becomes part of your overall security system when combined with sensors.

We believe it’s time to extend home security to include the front porch. With ecommerce on the rise, and packages now being delivered to homes every day of the week, a home’s front entry has become a high traffic area that is increasingly attractive to porch pirates and others on the look-out for crimes of opportunity. In fact, according to professional law enforcement, the lonely package scenario (packages left unattended for hours on porches) sends a clear message that you’re not home, which can lead to more invasive crimes like burglary.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

But don’t despair! It’s a well-know fact that deterrence is the best form of prevention. Which is why having a Landport communicates that indeed, you are paying attention to your home’s security. Landport’s design, besides accommodating multiple packages safely, also accommodates several different types of wireless sensors found on the market today. Many of these sensors can extend the reach of your home security to monitor activities on your front porch, and can be easily managed right from your smart phone via  apps. When you combine a simple wireless sensor with your Landport, you immediately augment your existing home security system in a simple and unobtrusive way.

Make Landport part and parcel of your future smart home security system.

Landport loves the idea of creating safer and more efficient households and workplaces. We believe investing in a few well-placed devices, or a well-designed “smart home” system creates efficiencies on numerous levels. That’s why we’re keeping a close watch on the smart home movement. Thanks to advances in wireless technology, evolving smart phones and innovative apps, managing your home’s security, energy use, and critical areas at your home (i.e.  the medicine cabinet) is getting simpler and more accessible everyday.

We’re already thinking about ways in which Landport can function in a holistic smart home environment – one that would make the Jetsons stop in their jet tracks and take notice. Landport shares the smart home vision in which safety and security are an approachable part of our daily lives – and are the rule rather than the exception, making for a better all-around home or work environment.