Home Automation

Smart Home, Smart Porch.

New sensors and web-enabled technologies are fast becoming part of the home, and Landport is part of that trend. Landport can be combined with other technologies to offer a complete smart home.

Fills a major gap in home security.

Lessens the chance of human error.

Increases efficiency.

Fulfills the promise of end-to-end security.

Live smarter with Landport.

At their core, smart homes are about tapping into the latest technology to improve your living environment. Landport is very much on board with this trend. Landport is positioned to evolve technologically, and can easily integrate into smart home systems to create a safer and more efficient home environment.

When you install Landport, you transform your front porch from a passive, vulnerable and underutilized area to an active, safer and productive area. Landport gets to work right away, and immediately lets you take control of your porch and your deliveries.

With Landport you simply:

Presently, simple effective sensors work with Landport to create a “smart” Landport experience, and allow you to monitor Landport from your smart phone. You can even receive alerts when Landport is opened and a package has been placed inside.

What the future holds.

The smart home trend continues to pick up steam. A smart home really means a more efficient home, and living in a way that ultimately creates a better quality of life at home. Technology can now assume the role of keeping track of worrisome, redundant tasks (like package delivery) so that busy people can focus on more important things.